Okay I just want to clear something up because I’ve seen it on my dash a lot today.

This photo:

is a fake. It’s a Hoax. 

Here are the reasons:

  • In the background you can see the Empire State Building, which means the photographer was facing the north. This would mean the “tourist guy,” as he is called, would be on the roof deck of the northern tower (One World Trade), and the plane would be American Airlines Flight #11, which collided with One World Trade at 8:45 am.  The northern tower didn’t have a roof deck. 
  • Even if it did, the roof deck would not be open to tourists that early in the morning. 
  • News reports say that the weather had been nice that day, with temperatures around 65 to 70 degrees that morning. So why is this “tourist guy” dressed for winter, with a wool hat and heavy jacket?
  • The plane would have been moving at at least 300 miles per hour. So why doesn’t the aircraft seem blurry in the shot?
  • Planes are pretty loud. The plane seems pretty close. Why didn’t the man hear it?
  • The photographer would obviously be able to see the plane coming from a distance. Why was he completely unfazed by the plane speeding towards him?
  • How could the camera survived the 110-story drop?
  • Reports say the photo surfaced in 2001, not long after the tragic event. It took years to clean up all the rubble from the twin towers. So how was the camera found so fast?

If you don’t believe me, then just google it. Don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia. 

And I know you all reblogged this photo out of love and sorrow and, being there when the tower’s collapsed, i thank you for that. I just don’t want you reblogging something that’s completely fake. 

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